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Thursday, November the 22th

What I Am and What We Are

(The lecture is in French)

This lecture will take place  at Arahova restaurant  located at  5780  Sherbrooke East, in Cadillac Metro Exit in Montreal. 

Entrance price : 40 $ plus your meal.

Information : pinard.n@videotron.ca
Phone (514) 254-5919 Cell (514) 865-3046


NORMAND PINARD is a well-known clairvoyant and lecturer in metaphysics as well as a TV animator : Au-delà du connu (Beyond the Known, 1986) et  La Science de l'Être (The Science of Being, 1994). He is currently realizing a new TV show since January : Au cœur des mystères (2010) (At the Heart of Mysteries). Normand Pinard is internationally known for the accuracy of his predictions through his clairvoyance since 30 years to this day.

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 «At the Heart of  Mysteries» 


Complete collection of recordings : 150 lectures in metaphysics by Normand Pinard

All lectures  are recorded in MP3 format on 4 DVDs. On each DVD, there is a laser-printed image.  

Price : 199 $ CND or 135 EUROS. Taxes and delivery included.




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