By Peter Donwood, Mirror.

With his supramental outlook on the world, Normand Pinard is one of the most well-known lecturer in parapsychology and contemporary metaphysics. He is an exceptional clairvoyant, he has a passion concerning the mechanics of our universe and he wonders about the true meaning of existence.

Having experienced paranormal phenomena since a very young age, he has undertaken to find their cause and origin. As science could not answer his questions, he turned to philosophy. He found a particular interest German metaphysics. Having explored phenomenology (Hegel, Husserl, Heidegger) and immaterialism (Schopenhauer) as well as psychology of the depths (Jung), Normand Pinard also studied oriental thought. Some thinkers (Nisargadatta and Sri Aurobindo) confirmed his intuitions. This led him to develop a world vision which constitutes a synthesis of mystical and materialist thought, encompassing Western and Eastern frameworks, in which intuition and reason can be in harmony.

The human being of today realizes that he is the reflection of the universe on himself. The absolute manifests itself through this conscientization. The progressive evolution of consciousness, going through the vegetal, animal and human stages, precludes the emergence of the next step of evolution. Then, the human being shall attain a qualitative expansion of his consciousness. He shall have access to the divine reality of his being. At the light of such a consciousness evolution, some previously unexplained phenomena, such as miracle healings, premonitory dreams, clairvoyance and telepathy, shall make complete sense. This new understanding shall throw a new light on the reality of birth and death, as well as life after death. Man shall progressively live his life through planes of consciousness which have been so far ignored by scientific materialism. It is therefore possible to envision that the next stage of human evolution shall include a global experience of nature, as well as a better understanding of reality. This will allow man the holistic experience of the universe in which he lives. He will then face his own irreducible mystery.

In his lectures, Normand Pinard is a gifted orator. With his extra-ordinary sense of humor, he knows how to go too far… When he addresses his audience, they are in for an exhilarating adventure. Yet, he remains simple, understandable and he also listens. Normand Pinard realized various TV shows on metaphysics : Au-delà du connu (1986-1989) (Beyond the Known) et La Science de l'être(1994) (The Science of Being).

He also chronicled as metaphysician the shows : Énigme (1997-1998) (Enigma), Au cœurs des mystères (2010) (At the Heart of the Mysteries).

He is currently working as a reputed clairvoyant. To hear Normand Pinard in his lectures is like discovering a hidden face of existence. You are invited to share this experience in the public lectures which he gives a few times a month. (The lectures are in French)

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