1-Private consultations :

I give private consultations in clairvoyance. A private consultation has the objective of clarifying an ambiguous situation in your life and to know your future. For more information : (514) 254-5919 or on my cell : (514) 865-3046.

2-Online consultation by phone or through SKYPE :

In order to respond to the increasing demand from international countries,   I offer consultations by phone or through Skype. I can be reached at (514) 254-5919. If it is an emergency, my cell phone is (514) 865-3046. If you want to consult me by phone, send me your picture or your birthdate by e-mail. Then, you pay the consultation fee through PayPal ($85 CAN or 65 Euros). You can communicate with me within the next minutes.
Please take note : If you have Skype on your computer, I can reach you this way. This allows you to phone me for free from anywhere in the world. If you also wish, we can communicate with a webcam through Skype. If you live in another country, please take into account the time schedules of Quebec, Canada. I take consultations between 13h. and 23h. (1:00 PM to 11:00 PM). You can call me to fix the exact time for a webcam consultation.
The price of a phone consultation is $85 CAN or 65 Euros.
The price of a Skype consultation is $85 CAN or 65 Euros.

The duration of a consultation is 30 minutes.

You can e-mail me at if you want to send me a photo, to get information or to make an appointment.

Payment for phone or Skype consultations are made through the world-known PayPal service.   

3-Lectures :

My lectures endeavour to help you understand the laws which govern our universe. The themes are metaphysical and lead to a better understanding of the visible and invisible worlds.
The lectures at the restaurant La Casa Grecque take place in a convivial atmosphere, so one can very easily communicate.


Contact Normand Pinard by phone : 1 (514) 254-5919
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