During his TV series, (The Science of Being) made in April 1994, clairvoyant Normand Pinard predicted, in less than twenty minutes, the popularization of the personal computer, the invention of electronic eyes to allow the blind to see again with electrodes attached to their brain. He equally predicted the invention of music on chip cards, a terrorist attack, revolution of sexual habits, the fall of stable oil prices as well as the replacement of that energy source by liquid nitrogen and hydrogen for 2020. He also saw a rise in skin cancers, the warming of the city of Montreal, and the province of Quebec, by three degrees, and, finally, revolutionary medical breakthroughs. You be the judge!

The TV show La Science de d'être (The Science of Being) was made in 1994.

Here are some proofs:

- Electronic Eyes connected to the brain through electrodes

- In fifteen years, we shall be able to listen to music on chips

- To order music from our TV sets

- The bionic eye (November 2006)

- Read thoughts in the brain (July 2006)

- Artificial heart the size of a thumb connected to the brain - The Jarvik 2000 Heart

- A cancer vaccine (July 2008)

- Rise of skin cancers

- Thought-controlled video games (March 2008)

- In medical science, Quebec will specialize in arm and leg prothesis - Enterprise article : Vichtome Bionique human (June 2008)

- Suntan cabins forbidden to less than 18 years old - Radio-Canada (July 2008)

- See your dreams on a TV screen (December 2008)

- World Heatlh Organisation concludes : Artificial suntanning is guilty (July 2008)

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